Iowa Representative Steve King is Not Actually White!

Iowa Republican Representative Steve King has come under fire recently for comments supporting white nationalism and white supremacy in a New York Times interview. Since King is so supportive of white identity politics, it may come as a surprise to him that he is not actually white.

See for yourself. This is white:

And this is the color of Iowa Representative Steve King:

To determine what color Iowa Representative Steve King actually is, we took his official US Congress photo and applied a broad box blur to average the neutral, highlight, and shaded tones across his face. Then, we sampled this color and found a close match to a common color recognized by web browsers, so we would be able to name this color:

Note how the sample swatch in the blurred version of the image almost disappears in the lower left corner. This is because the color of Iowa Representative Steve King's face matches the swatch in that position, demonstrating the closeness of the match to the average tone of his skin.

This color is called "rosybrown", so from this point forward, we suggest that "white" people be known as "rosybrown" people and "white supremacy" be known as "rosybrown supremacy". In particular, Iowa Representative Steve King should be referred to as a "rosybrown nationalist", for the sake of accuracy.

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