New Christmas Music Reviews

It wouldn't be Christmas without the usual avalanche of new holiday music. Here we review the latest seasonal releases from today's biggest stars.

Snoop Does Sinatra: Hear the standards like you’ve never heard them before. Gangsta meets ganster in a weed-soaked tribute to the Rat Pack legend. One thing’s for sure: he did it his way!

Marylin Manson: Smells Like Christmas: Manson tries to reboot his career with a family-friendly version of his classic EP Smells Like Children. His retooled version transforms the original themes of sexual abuse and lost innocence into a celebration of nutmeg and scented candles.

A Very Kanye Kwanzaa: Kanye West isn’t exactly clear on what Kwanzaa is, and he’s betting that you aren’t either. With a philosophy as eclectic as his music, he vacillates between Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, and Rastafarian memes like an elf on angel dust.

Duel of the Divas, Christmas Edition: Celine Dion and Mariah Carey belt out such classics as Silent Night, Away in a Manger, and O Little Town of Bethlehem at top decibel as only they can. As they try to out-emote each other, their full-throated renditions of these lovely carols are sure to shatter your ornaments.

Radiohead, Happy Christmas Album: Discover the true meaning of holiday angst with a moody Christmas album for those short dreary days and long cold nights. A perfect gift for that irritating relative with too much holiday cheer.

Justin Bieber's Favorite Boxing Day Songs: With an entire album full of empty tracks, Bieber is either pulling a fast one on his fans or making an ironic statement about the holiday. Either way, he's betting they'll buy it anyway. The empty box on the cover says it all.

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